Workshop at Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2017

Mobile Music in the Making 2017 / Call for Papers
August 29, 2016

Workshop at Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2017

Apps in music education1

Artists, designers, musicians and creative minds around the globe – the Berlin Summer University of the Arts is your destination in the summer for every interest and academic need. Choose from a wide selection of workshops in all artistic disciplines – Music, Design, Performing Arts and Fine Arts – all at the heart of Germany’s biggest and most inspiring city.


In this program, the Research Center for Mobile Music Making & App Music brings in their tAPP certificate course.

Apps in Music Education in 2017

The deadlines for registration are ending soon. Don’t miss your chance!


Apps in music education1

If you’re interested in making music yourself and in experimenting with sound in an artistic manner then you should check out our courses „Apps in Music Education“.


Run period: 24.07.2017 – 28.07.2017
Course time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline: 26.06.2017

Course fee: EUR 500

Min. number of participants: 15
Max. number of participants: 20

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On topic

In this workshop, we will introduce you to new educational settings and recent music technologies. Teachers and musicians are invited to enhance their toolset in musical projects with mobile technologies.

During this five-day course participants will get a solid overview of music making with the help of applications in education and art. This will open up new perspectives for an innovative professional field where different groups of people work creatively with smartphones, tablets and applications within cultural and educational institutions.

The demand for projects where a wide target audience can create music with applications has been growing for years, especially among music schools, youth organizations, concert halls, museums and theaters. These projects are meant to meet the needs of children, teenagers, people with and without disabilities, seniors, etc. as well as to connect music and media education in order to turn it to an integral part of the outreach practice, based on art und culture.


  • The course focuses on specific concepts, methodological and didactical approaches to music education, oriented toward digital technologies;
  • the value will be placed on combining educational course contents with the participants’ own artistic practice;
  • to learn more about the diversity of music applications, we will discuss them referring to specific project examples, as well as to pros and cons of using them in different contexts;
  • own musical experiments will be presented to the participants and professors during a collective concert;


  • a central point of the course is to test the educational offer with applications (together with the students of a resort group).


The course is carried out as a creative laboratory: from the very beginning, the participants will experiment on different topics in groups using music applications. These working phases will be guided by experts and reflected together with other students. Afterwards, the participants’ own project ideas are the main focus. During the training they develop and test specific music projects and work straight on their portfolio, which represents their own app-based musical art and outreach practice.

Qualification target

The acquired competencies will build the basis for educational programs with music applications, which are intended to provide access to modern music making for different target groups in regular and music schools, youth leisure events, concert halls, museums and theaters using their own or provided tablets.

Target audience

The course is suitable for musicians, teachers at regular and music schools, as well as freelance teachers, social educators and other multipliers working with children, teenagers, adults, people with disabilities and senior citizens.


Matthias Krebs and Marc Godau belong to the pioneers of app music. As DigiEnsemble Berlin musicians, they regularly perform with tablets on concert stages and are involved in numerous cultural and educational music projects as music teachers since 2010.

Laura Konjetzky is a pianist and composer and has received numerous prizes for her work. Since her participation in the tAPP certificate course, she regularly integrates music apps into her artistic youth projects.


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The main objectives of the Research Center for Mobile Music Making & App Music are exploration and systematization of forms of musical practices with apps, to further show connections to current trends in arts and music, and to identify artistic & social dimensions as well as implications for music education.

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